I began my love affair with computers with a Commodore VIC-20 in 1982. It was a store display at the Montgomery-Wards in Amarillo, Texas, and was priced way beyond my modest means. Eleven years later, I finally obtained my first PC, a blazing hot IBM clone powered by a 486SLC2-66 motherboard with four MB of RAM. I played games on it for a week, then took it apart to see what was inside.

It wasn’t long before friends and family were calling me for tech support, and I knew that my future lay in working with smart boxes.

In 2000, I caught my big break by landing a job with the McKee Foods (Little Debbie) IT team at the Gentry location. I was the lucky recipient of much training, and within a year had obtained my first certification: Network+. I added a CCNA to that, as well as I-Net+ and CIW-A.

I went on to build an intranet full of apps which is still being utilized almost twenty years after its creation (when I was still an electrician, temporarily assigned to IS).

That leads me to today. Nowadays, I provide my services to you. Give me a call (479-685-5757) or use my Contact Form and let’s talk.