I began my love affair with computers with a Commodore VIC-20 in 1982. It was a store display at the Montgomery-Wards in Amarillo, Texas, and was priced way beyond my modest means. Eleven years later, I finally obtained my first PC, a blazing hot IBM clone powered by a 486SLC2-66 motherboard with four MB of RAM. I played games on it for a week, then took it apart to see what was inside.

It wasn’t long before friends and family were calling me for tech support, and I knew that my future lay in working with smart boxes.

In 2000, I caught my big break by landing a job with the McKee Foods (Little Debbie) IT team at the Gentry location. I was the lucky recipient of much training, and within a year had obtained my first certification: Network+. I added a CCNA to that, as well as I-Net+ and CIW-A.

I went on to build an intranet full of apps which is still being utilized twenty five years after its creation (when I was still an electrician, temporarily assigned to IS).

That leads me to today. Nowadays, I provide my services to you.

I’m a small business, and my target client is owners of small businesses. Specifically, businesses too small to have an IT staff, despite having IT needs.

Small business owners are too busy pleasing their own customers to worry about things like ransomware, hardware failure, network connectivity issues, or PC bugs. That’s MY job. Call me and let me maintain your IT infrastructure. Let me design you a safe, blazing fast network. Let me audit your current security and put effective changes in place to keep the bad guys out. Or let me take care of your website, from design to hosting to SEO to application development.

Give me a call (479-685-5757) or use my Contact Form and let’s talk.