I’m Ron Enderland, AKA the Bald Guy. I have over twenty years’ experience in all aspects of information technology, and I’m here to help you.
Services I Can Offer:

  • Network installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • PC installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • Server installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • Software installation/configuration
  • Backup scenario creation/implementation/testing
  • WordPress website management
  • PHP/JavaScript web development
  • Database administration/configuration/backup (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Data Recovery
  • Office/small business network setup
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website hosting
  • Security auditing
  • Desktop Linux installation/configuration/training
  • Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Media server setup

Meet “the bald guy” – his words not mine. I’d probably say “meet the computer genius” – because that is how it felt to have his support recently.


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  • northwestarkansasinfo.com
  • nwarkansasinfo.com
  • nwa-info.com
  • nwarkinfo.com
  • northwestarkinfo.com
  • nwarkjobs.com



Recent Posts:

  • Stay Green-Locked - Remember to look for the green lock in the address bar of your web browser. It’s universal on all browsers that I know of, mobile or desktop. It means your connection is securely encrypted. This is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for transferring credit card info. It’s important for simply filling out online forms, as well. If the...
  • Make Windows Run Faster - The best hidden switch in Windows: adjust your computer for best performance. It’s buried in the control panel on both Windows 7 and 10. The easiest way to get there is to hit Start on either system and type “performance” without the quotes. You can also get there in 7 by right-clicking on My Computer/Advanced...
  • Thank You, Pioneers - We take the web and its applications for granted, but here’s to the pioneers who developed HTML and TCP/IP. These standards mean that you can visit, say, baldguyweb.com from an iPad, a smart phone, a Chromebook, a desktop computer, or even a smart watch, and the forms and utilities will all work. If it was...
  • Should I Defrag? - Fragmented hard drives have long been performance hogs. If you’re running Windows, that is. But what about nowadays? The fact is that fragmentation isn’t the problem it once was. For one thing, solid-state drives have become popular, and they just don’t need it. In fact, you can mess them up by trying to defrag them....
  • Back those Photos up on Your Computer - If you have an Android phone, you’re probably backing your photos up to Google. But you can’t have too much backup, get in the habit of hooking up to your computer via USB and transferring your photos over. Your photo organizer software should be smart enough to only import new images, and you’ll have them...