I’m Ron Enderland, AKA the Bald Guy. I have over twenty years’ experience in all aspects of information technology, and I’m here to help you.
Services I Can Offer:

  • Network installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • PC installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • Server installation/configuration/troubleshooting
  • Software installation/configuration
  • Backup scenario creation/implementation/testing
  • WordPress website management
  • PHP/JavaScript web development
  • Database administration/configuration/backup (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Data Recovery
  • Office/small business network setup
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website hosting
  • Security auditing
  • Desktop Linux installation/configuration/training
  • Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Media server setup

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  • northwestarkansasinfo.com
  • nwarkansasinfo.com
  • nwa-info.com
  • nwarkinfo.com
  • northwestarkinfo.com
  • nwarkjobs.com

Recent Posts:

  • Make Edge Your Ex-Default Browser - Running Windows 10? Using another browser besides Edge? Good. Make sure it’s set as your default. Otherwise, Edge will rear its ugly head every time you click on a link in an email. Go to Settings/System/Default Apps. Click on Edge, then select your favorite browser. Edge will beg you not to do so, LOL. AOL...
  • Is There a Desktop Under All of those Icons? - Is your desktop completely covered with icons? Create a few folders and get them under control. You may be surprised what ancient, never-used-again shortcuts are there once you start moving them into well-named folders. Create another folder called “Old” and drag the dead ones in there, just in case you might possibly need to get...
  • Boot Straight to the Desktop of Windows 10 - Do you want Windows 10 to take you straight to a desktop without hitting you up for a password? If you’re using a local account to log in, you can make it happen by running a utility called netplwiz. You run it by clicking on Start and typing it in. Uncheck the box and reboot....
  • There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Backup - Are you backing up your files? If not, you’ll someday wish that you had. Flash drives are cheap. Keep one dedicated to backup and put all of your documents, photos, and data files from applications like Quicken on there every day, if possible. No need to overwrite files that haven’t been charged, but copy over...
  • Making Facebook Usable With Social Fixer - Is Facebook driving you buggy with sponsored links? Would you like to ban politics with one click? Would you also like to know who has unfriended you because you aren’t into their politics? Would you like to be able to create custom filters to block other stuff you don’t want to see? Then Social Fixer...