You’re busy with your business. Of course you are. It takes a lot of work to make a profitable, efficient business. It also requires that everything just work. Most business people are not IT people. Most business people use a lot of IT, but they’re not experts in keeping it running. They either have to hire a full-time IT person, which is very expensive, or they can go with a maintenance service, like Iowa. It’s called managed services. But I like to refer to it as maintenance because that’s plain and simple all it is.

I spend a little bit of time each week just making sure that everything works. And if I see something starting to be a problem, I often catch it early enough where I can make some easy changes and fix it. This is very valuable to the business person who has to keep all the wheels spinning. And can’t afford time off because computers or network has stopped working. It’s a tax deduction for you, of course, and you can either spend your money on tax deductions, or you can spend your money on major repairs that sneak up on you when you’re not looking.

That’s tax deductible too, of course, but why not spend just a little bit of money each month to ensure that that situation doesn’t happen very often? I have customers all over Northwest Arkansas. I have customers in Peerage. Gateway, Centerton, Siloam Springs, Decatur, Gentry, Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville, and Springdale. My business has been going since 2016 and I have built up a very nice client base. I like to refer to them as my family because I do have a close relationship with everyone whose IT infrastructure I maintain. So what do you do if you’re interested? Well, you give me a call or shoot me an email.

I will come by and give you a no obligations quote, and it won’t cost you a penny. If you decide to go with me, I won’t commit you to a year either, like my competitors will. We will have a month-to-month relationship, which can be ended with 30 days notice by either party. But this is the best part. I don’t lose clients. I only gain them. Clients appreciate what I do for them and the services that I offer for the price I charge. And for that reason, they stick with me. I don’t want customers who are with me because they have 10 months left on a contract that they wish they hadn’t signed. I want customers who are with me because they like what they’re getting and they’re happy with my services.

And that’s exactly what I have. When I do not require a year agreement to stay to give. The next biggest advantage to having me maintain your services is if something does go wrong and you give me a call, you get priority. I do get a lot of cold calls from people needing help and I do my best to help them out. But my maintenance customers get the top priority. They are the ones who I tend to drop what I’m doing and go help when something happens. And here’s another example.

You sleep better at night. You don’t lay there awake at night worrying about whether or not the next round of Windows updates is going to take your system down. You don’t worry about whether or not your internet is going to go away. You don’t worry about whether or not your network is going to get hacked. Because you have me keeping an eye on things for you.

You are taking advantage of 25 years experience in IT.

Just how big an IT infrastructure do you need before you need my services? Well, one of my clients has exactly two computers and one internet connection. She uses my services because she appreciates the fact that she has off-site backup for her files, which I will retrieve for her if there’s a need. All she has to do is call me and I take care of it. Also, I have Bitdefender antivirus on her systems, and I can tell by logging into a website if she’s had any issues. And I’m alerted. Additionally, she uses CCleaner Cloud, which I also include in my maintenance package. CCleaner Cloud automatically keeps your system clean from temporary files, unneeded cookies, Web caching, and that sort of thing.

Additionally, it monitors your system and gives me a database of events which I can go back into and look at in case you have any issues. If your system hiccups two weeks ago and we’re just now finding out about it, I can go to my CCleaner Cloud account, go find it and see what happens.

The main thing though is that you have someone who genuinely cares about you and your business. And he is going to do his best to see to it that your business is not going to have IT problems. You have enough headaches already running a business. You don’t need to worry about your computers. Hire me and you won’t have to worry about it.

I am writing this article on Sunday morning. This afternoon I’m going to be visiting a business after hours and upgrading their network. This is what I do as well. I realize that your business needs to stay open during business hours. If you need to do something after hours, I’m available. It doesn’t matter if it’s late at night or if it’s on the weekend. I love what I do and I realize that in order to be successfully self-employed, I have to be willing to bend for my customers. And that’s what I do. Give me a try and find out what it’s like to have someone who is genuinely looking out for your interests taking care of your computers and network for you. I want your business to succeed as badly as you do. And I’m going to see to it that computers are not going to prevent that from happening. And, in fact, if I can put IT to work to make things better for you, I will suggest ways in which we can accomplish that.