Stay Away from Ink

Don’t be fooled by the crazy low prices for color inkjet printers. You’ll make up for it with expensive ink. Black and white laser is by far the most economical way to print. I’ve been using a workhorse Konica Minolta 1350W I picked up refurbished back in 2006 for around fifty bucks for daily printing….

Printer Missing the Paper Grab?

Is your printer having a hard time picking up paper off the stack? The rubber tends to get slick with age. Wet a rag in rubbing alcohol and give the grabbing mechanism a good soaking, that should restore the tackiness and make the printer reliable once again.

Sudden Lousy Battery Life?

Is your battery life suddenly lousy on your Android phone? Good chance you have a runaway process eating it up. A quick reboot should bring things back to normal.

Shop Around (If You can) for an Internet Provider

The internet situation in the US is sad compared to the rest of the world. Even some third world countries have higher average speeds than this country. A reliable internet connection is becoming essential for day-to-day life in this society. If you have a choice of providers, talk to their customers before you commit to…

Make Your New Windows PC Feel Like Home

Would you like to move your profile settings, documents, photos, and two choice programs to a new Windows PC from an old one? Download a copy of PCTrans for free at You can pay 44 bucks for the pro version and move an unlimited number of programs over. Works over a LAN, a serial…

Delete Badly Behaving Facebook Apps

Beware of cute Facebook apps like “what’s your gangster name?” and such. you may end up with content you know nothing about posted on your wall. Deny permission to any but the most necessary apps.

Windows 10 Homegroups: the Easy way to Transfer Files

Need to transfer files quickly from one Windows 10 computer to another? Create a homegroup. You’ll be given a password, open up another Windows 10 computer, select join a homegroup, enter the password. Presto, now you can instantly transfer files back and forth.

A Secure Home for Less Than 200 Bucks

For less than 200 bucks, you can protect your home with a camera/sensor unit that will alert you to intruders, film them in the dark, back up the videos to the cloud, and let loose with a 95 DB alarm if a bad guy is detected. It’s smart enough to know the difference between a…

Keep the Hackers Out of Your New Toys

Many of you got new internet-connected goodies over the holidays. Make sure they’re not open doors to hackers. If the devices are capable, update each one to the latest version of firmware. Look for a setting to check for updates, and apply them if available.