Be smart, folks. Scammers are everywhere. I have my business phone number on my website as well as on this public page. I was contacted this last weekend by someone who claimed that they worked for a large company which I do have a working relationship with. He wanted me to reformat the hard rives on some laptops and install Windows and some software.

First of all, his name was “Patrick Williams,” but when I spoke to him on the phone, he had a heavy Indian accent. Second, he wanted to pay me *in advance* with a cashier’s check.

At that point, I contacted Atlas and discovered that he had no connection with them.

If *anyone* offers you a cashier’s check for payment, be very careful. In all likelihood, it’s going to be for more that the amount you’re promised, and you’ll be instructed to give the extra money to a third party. The check will then BOUNCE. You’ll be liable for the money you passed on.

I wish these idiots would get real jobs.

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