No, you haven’t been hacked. You’ve been spoofed. Someone has taken a look at your impressive friends list, and seeks to send them spam. So they’ve copied your profile picture and your name and sent out friends requests to your friends list.

It’s nothing to get too worked up about. If just a few friends report the request as spam, the account will be deleted by Facebook. It’s been happening enough lately that folks are getting savvy to it.

But you can help keep it from happening to you. Here’s how.

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS LIST PRIVATE. If hackers can’t see your friends list, then they have no way of knowing that it’s loaded with potential customers for fake prescription drugs or the like.

And really, the more private you keep things on Facebook, the better off you are. Is it anyone’s business but your own who your Facebook friends are? Keep it to yourself, and the spoofers should leave you alone.

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