How do I stop my email from getting spammed? One of the best ways is to create a throwaway email address. There are free email addresses all over the web. Set one up which you only use for “recreational” website registrations.

For stuff like online banking, credit card accounts, medical accounts, you know, serious websites, you’ll probably want to use your primary account. But for trivial sites which insist you join with a verifiable email address, a throwaway just might be the ticket. Give the throwaway address as your email, then navigate to its web mailbox to click the link to verify it. After that, you should be able to get into the site with a user name and password. If you forget your password, they’ll send it to the throwaway address. You can ignore all of the spam and click on the most recent email and get back in.

Here’s a handy hint: I used a throwaway address to register with Facebook. This place is in the business of marketing every bit of personal info it can glean from you. They’re not getting near my permanent email address.

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