Make Windows Run Faster

The best hidden switch in Windows: adjust your computer for best performance. It’s buried in the control panel on both Windows 7 and 10. The easiest way to get there is to hit Start on either system and type “performance” without the quotes. You can also get there in 7 by right-clicking on My Computer/Advanced…

Should I Defrag?

Fragmented hard drives have long been performance hogs. If you’re running Windows, that is. But what about nowadays? The fact is that fragmentation isn’t the problem it once was. For one thing, solid-state drives have become popular, and they just don’t need it. In fact, you can mess them up by trying to defrag them….

Back those Photos up on Your Computer

If you have an Android phone, you’re probably backing your photos up to Google. But you can’t have too much backup, get in the habit of hooking up to your computer via USB and transferring your photos over. Your photo organizer software should be smart enough to only import new images, and you’ll have them…

Nothing Beats a Stable Cable

Most “wired” homes have most devices hooked up wirelessly. That’s great, the technology gets better every day. Yet, there’s nothing more stable than a network cable (rhyme unintentional). A network drop is by far the most reliable way to keep something on the network that HAS to be there. For instance, if you have a…

Back Up to a Flash drive

A flash drive can be a good backup point. They are getting huge, you can get two terabyte models now. Windows 10 has an automatic backup ability, as well as file history management. It’s true, you can’t have too much backup, so save copies on your hard drive, on a removable flash drive, and in…

Get Control of Your System: Show File Extensions

Microsoft has gradually gotten less stupid with their security, but one persistent bonehead default setting persists: hiding file extensions. This lamebrained setting means that someone could send you what appears to be a harmless text file, but when you double-click it to view, it is actually a trojan executable that harms your system. To view…

Windows 10 Safe Mode

Windows 10 is a lot different. For instance, it does have a safe mode, but getting there is a different proposition from previous versions. To go into safe mode, hold down the shift key on the startup screen, click the power button, and select restart computer. This also works from the running Windows 10 desktop.

Let Google Back You Up for Free

Google offers a huge online backup repository free of charge. You have a whopping 17 GB available for email and photos. Google Play Music allows you to upload a staggering 100,000 songs! There’s no excuse for losing valued photos or music if a hard drive crashes. Not when Google allows you to save them in…

Update, Update, Update!

You have to keep everything in your system as updated as possible to fend off the bad guys. Hackers, crackers, and phishers are out there to steal your personal info. Your main line of defense is to apply updates from software manufacturers as soon as you get them.

You Can’t Have too Much Backup

If you have an Android device, Google is probably backing up your photos. But why not connect to your computer with a micro USB cable and keep copies there, too? You can also use a PC-based photo editor to make them better.