The Lifechanger

The lifechanger, quite obviously, was my first computer: a  hand-built based on a 486SLC2/66 motherboard I obtained from a computer shop in Siloam Springs, Arkansas in December 1993. But a case could be made for my father-in-law’s Packard-Bell 386 he obtained a couple of months earlier. I spent ten or twenty hours playing around on […]

Don’t tie your VOIP phones to an internet service!

BUSINESSES: The major Cox internet outages over the NWA area highlight how you have to be smart with your network. If you run Cox VOIP phones, you are at their mercy. If your Cox internet goes down, so do your phones! If you go with an alternative VOIP system, you can have dual internet failover, […]

This Is Why a Plain Website Won’t Do

These are the statistics from my most popular site, 1136 devices, only 291 desktop computers!  If you’re not optimized for mobile devices, Google is going to penalize you in their search results. Call me today to get you on a mobile-friendly web platform.

You Need a Website!

Do you sell something? Then you need a website. WordPress makes it simple for anyone to have a sophisticated site, including e-commerce! Let me help you get set up with your own domain, SSL encryption, and hosting. You’ll have a US citizen who speaks good English (with a bit of a southern twang 😉 ) […]

Shop Around (If You can) for an Internet Provider

The internet situation in the US is sad compared to the rest of the world. Even some third world countries have higher average speeds than this country. A reliable internet connection is becoming essential for day-to-day life in this society. If you have a choice of providers, talk to their customers before you commit to […]

Delete Badly Behaving Facebook Apps

Beware of cute Facebook apps like “what’s your gangster name?” and such. you may end up with content you know nothing about posted on your wall. Deny permission to any but the most necessary apps.

Keep the Hackers Out of Your New Toys

Many of you got new internet-connected goodies over the holidays. Make sure they’re not open doors to hackers. If the devices are capable, update each one to the latest version of firmware. Look for a setting to check for updates, and apply them if available.

4G Capable Tablets and Chromebooks FTW

One of the handiest devices to come along in a while is the tablet and/or Chromebook that comes with 4G network capabilities. WiFi isn’t always available, and being able to hop onto a mobile network mainly used by phones means the internet is never very far away. Make no mistake: WiFi is the preferred way […]

Trace Your Family Tree for Free

One area where the internet has changed everything is genealogy. What once took days of research in the library, and hundreds of miles of travel to other libraries, can now be accomplished in a few hours. Case in point: I signed up (for free) at, and entered what information on relatives I could. Wikitree […]