Stay Updated, My Friends

Our houses are getting full of smart devices: refrigerators, security systems, thermostats, TV’s, etc. Never forget that these devices connect to the internet, and thus are vulnerable to hackers. Make sure you’ve set a tough password on your router. Make sure you’re keeping the smart devices updated. That includes your router as well. If you […]

Be Smart. Know Domain Structure

Phishing is a huge problem. Thieves can create some amazingly realistic looking requests to log into various websites, capturing your password in the process. A basic understanding of how domain names works helps. If the linked website is, you’re safe. If it’s, it’s not. The last name before the .com is the highest […]

Keep that Password!

Do you hate changing passwords? Good news: a tough password, never changed, can be just as secure as tough passwords changed regularly. If you work for a company, you’re at the mercy of their security policy. But in your own domain, a good tough password can stay with you for life, and you can still […]

Spring Cleaning

It’s not a pleasant job, but your computer (either laptop or desktop) needs to have the dust blown out of its interior once a year or so. The cleanest method is to take it into the garage and either use canned air or the exhaust from a shop vac. Blast the dirt loose, and make […]

Block Nasty Ads

There are a lot of good reasons to block ads. First of all, if you use Adblock+, polite ads are let through by default. Second, hostile Javascript in ads is a favorite way for hackers to get into your Windows computer. Third, ads, intrusive ads, just suck. If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, […]

Linux Rules the Computing World

Windows may rule the desktop computer world, but Linux rules the overall smart device realm. Your Android phone is Linux. Your Apple device is running an OS based on UNIX, a close Linux relative. Odds are your smart appliances are running it, as well as your router. Airplanes fly with Linux computers, so does the […]

Manage Your Passwords

So many passwords…what do you do? I use LastPass. It keeps your passwords on your computer or smart device, encrypted to a ridiculously strong degree. You can get it free, I pop for the pro version, 24 bucks a year, that lets me have access to the mobile app. It’s nice having to remember only […]

Keep those Smart Devices Updated!

Do you have “smart” devices? TV’s, refrigerators, thermostats? It’s essential that you keep them updated. Some devices can update themselves. Others will require you downloading updates and installing them via flash drive. But do whatever it takes. Not doing so can mean hackers in your home network.

Keep that Waterproof Phone Dry!

So your new phone is waterproof? Good for you! but remember, you never want to test that ability. Keep your phone dry, clean, and happy. It only takes one tiny breach to kill a “waterproof” phone. It’s like a water-resistant watch: you still take it off before going swimming.