Do You Need Malware/Virus Protection on Your Android Device?

It depends. Are you in the habit of installing new apps? Then the answer is yes. Do you use the same apps you installed on your phone when it was new, apps that installed themselves after you activated? Then you’re probably okay. Good malware apps include AVG, Kaspersky, and Norton. Newer versions of Android scan […]

Put that Old Android Tablet to Work

Do you have an extra Android tablet you’re not using? Put it to work as a live photo frame. My favorite app for that purpose is Digital Photo Frame Slideshow. I like it because it will read shared folders from another device, that means the 20,000+ photos on my computer will make up a slideshow […]

Stop Android News Updates

So, you really don’t want news updates popping up on your Android phone, what do you do? You go to Settings/Sound and notification/App notifications and find Google Play Newsstand and turn its notifications off. Go through the list and see if there are any other news apps, turn their notifications off. You can also disable […]

Offsite Backup Is Essential!

Hurricane Harvey, and the misery that southeast Texas has gone through, emphasizes the need for offsite backup. I’ve used Crashplan for years, but they are getting out of the consumer market. The best consumer offering out there appears to be Backblaze ( The point is that your data is valuable. Don’t lose it because a […]

Save those Contacts Permanently

Do you hate losing contacts every time you get a new phone? Make sure you have set to sync your Contacts to your Gmail account and not your phone: Make sure that you have Gmail installed on your device. Go to Settings, then go to ‘Accounts and Sync’. Enable the Accounts and syncing service. Select […]

iPad or Android Tablet?

In my experience, Android tablets may not start out running slowly, but they soon get there. iPads run at the same speed, for better or worse, from the time you turn them on to the time they are set aside for newer equipment. Android tablets go dead in three days of idle time. An iPad […]

Leave It On, or Shut It Off? Your Computer, that Is.

Depends. If you’re using it to serve media to your Rokus, smart TV’s, mobile devices, etc., then obviously it needs to stay on. Windows 10 has the ability to wake a computer to run a scheduled task. That’s cool, and a little creepy. The only way to guarantee your computer stays off is to unplug […]

My Battery Is Already Dead??

What is happening when your Android phone’s battery suddenly nosedives in power? A phone that normally lasts all day is dead by noon. Why?   Usually, a process has gone haywire. The solution? Just like a computer. Reboot it. That will kill the power-eating process and restore things. If it keeps happening, go to settings/battery […]

Do You Have Bad Cell Coverage, But Good Internet?

Let’s say you live in an area with terrible cell phone coverage, but you have decent internet. What can you do? You can sign up with Vonage. It’s ten bucks a month the first year, 25 bucks a month after that. They send you the VOIP equipment to attach to the router, you plug your […]

Make Edge Your Ex-Default Browser

Running Windows 10? Using another browser besides Edge? Good. Make sure it’s set as your default. Otherwise, Edge will rear its ugly head every time you click on a link in an email. Go to Settings/System/Default Apps. Click on Edge, then select your favorite browser. Edge will beg you not to do so, LOL. AOL […]