How Simple Is Apple’s World?

Is the i-World really that simple a place? That depends. If you’ve never touched a smart device before, an iPhone or iPad will probably prove very user-friendly. However, if you’ve gotten used to running Android tablets and phones, switching to Apple will be a frustrating, confusing experience until you get used to the different layout…

Don’t Lose Track of What’s Most Important

Technology makes it easy to connect with friends and family members all over the world. But don’t forget that face-to-face contact is the best kind. Don’t let the world of high-tech cause you to miss out on actually spending time with family members and friends. Facebook shouldn’t be your only contact with those you love.

Get Calibre and Load Up Your E-Reader

Do you have an e-reader like a Nook or a Kindle? If so, you should install an open-source program called Calibre on your computer. It will make it simple to copy books, magazines, etc. to your device. Next step is to visit and see what thousands of books, magazines, and recorded works you can…

Keep Your Home Network Safe

Your home network is as safe as your router, your router password, and your wireless password. Make sure your router is updated with the latest firmware, and make sure you have a fairly complex password for your wireless network. Make sure you have a tougher password for your router. A hacker has to be nearby…

SSL Encryption Is an Absolute Neccesity

These days, it’s simple to get SSL encryption on websites. That means the green lock in your address bar is front and center, signifying that the connection you have to the site is encrypted. You can fill out forms, submit passwords, and even use your credit card without fear of it being intercepted. If your…

Computers: Still a Necessary Thing

Phones have replaced computers for many individuals. They are the ultimate portable device, they are reliable, and they are powerful. If you can’t remember the last time you turned on a computer, then congratulations on transferring to the mobile world. But some of us won’t be abandoning the classic computer with monitor(s) any time soon….

Sing Your Way to a Secure Password

What’s a good way to make a secure password? A song. “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me.” = “Hmtmpas4m”. See how that works? Change “for” into “4,” use initials. And as long as you can remember that immortal song, you can remember a secure password.

Stay on Top of Vulnerabilities

Most operating systems are secure with common sense on the part of the user. But most, if not all, can become vulnerable. Apple’s rock-solid MacOS recently had a bug uncovered that allows anyone privileged access with no password, Apple has patched it, but don’t wait. Go straight to the Mac app store and update NOW….

Home Media Server, or Cloud?

Let’s face it, Netflix is simple, fast, cheap, and available. But it all comes down to how good is your internet? If your connection to the web comes and goes, then a local media server will be a better choice. Of course, that means loading it with content. Handbrake is a good DVD/Blu-Ray ripper that…

Keep Your Desktop Clean

A clean desktop is a happy desktop. If your desktop on your computer is littered with programs whose names you don’t recognize (and thus never run), files called document1, document2, etc., and further obscure shortcuts, create a folder called “archived” and drag them all in there. If you end up missing something later, just open…